Urethane, Polyester & PVC Extruded Cord Belts

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We fabricate resilient endless round belts, vee belts, flat cord, hollow cord, cogged cord and twisted cord belts for power transmission applications and live roller conveyors, i.e., line-shaft conveyors and powered roller conveyors. Urethane round belts are elastomeric belts, meaning they are designed to stretch, so they do not require a belt tensioner.

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  • Cross-sections from 1/16" to 3/4", also most metric sizes (2mm to 18mm) and standard O-ring sizes.
  • Any length above 3" cut length (depends on cord cross-section).
  • Durometers: 60A, 70A, 75A, 76A, 80A, 83A, 85A, 88A, 90A, 92A, 95A, 100A, 53D
  • Colors: clear, orange, red, green, blue, light blue, white, yellow, brown, black. Also see Post-Color process
  • Textures: smooth or rough/matte finish.
  • Economical -- no tooling charge.
  • Best resilience of any elastic material.
  • Tough & durable.
  • Highly resistant to cuts and abrasion.
  • Non-marking.
  • Won't fray.
  • Fits round or V pulleys.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Resistant to fuels and oils. (Non-Slip Belts)
  • Most are Food Grade USDA/FDA approved.
  • Some are detectable by metal detectors (Metal Detectable)
  • Available with UV resistance.
  • Available in Anti Static (Static Dissipative)
  • Available in Jungle or Nautical urethane.
  • Warning, do not use urethane belts on slider beds.
  • Many Applications.

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