Our Gasketman Division specializes in fabricating and distribution of High Temperature Gaskets, O-rings and Seals for a wide variety of Industries from Food Manufacturing and Processing, to Manufacturers and End Users of Vacuum Furnaces, Retorts, Ovens and other extreme high temperature processes.

Our in-house Hot Vulcanizing Team fabricates finished products from various profiles and forms of Industrial Rubber, such as Silicone, Viton, and EPDM.

For more moderate applications, we also fabricate more common materials like Buna-N (Nitrile), Buna-S (SBR), Neoprene (Chloroprene) and Pure Gum Rubber, offering both Hot and Cold Vulcanization as appropriate.

Molding, Die-Cutting, Water-Jet Cutting, and Ultra-modern Self-forming Gasketing made from Expanded PTFE are also included in our portfolio of services and products. We have the ability to provide Extrusions of most all elastomeric compounds in the profiles you require for your particular application.

The Gasketman Division has been in operation for well over 5 years, and we are now able to offer our services to a wider selection of clientele. HiMark only offers proven capabilities, and our Gasketman Division has now reached the “High Mark” we have always set for ourselves.

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