3 Ply 600 3/8 X Bare Bottom

3 Ply 600 3/8 X Bare Bottom

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A strong 3-Ply 600 lbs PIW carcass, a smooth top cover and a bare bottom cover.The stout 3/8” thick top cover is moderately oil resistant and the bare bottom cover makes this a heavy duty slider-bed friendly belt. 3 Ply 600 3/8” x Bare is especially well-suited for the wood industry.

Color: Black
Nominal OAG: 0.580” +/- .030
Plies: 3
Fabric: Polyester
Minimum: Pulley Diameter: 30”
Top Surface: 3/8” Smooth MOR
Bottom Surface: Bare
Compound: MOR
Work Tension: 600lbs. PIW
Weight P.I.W. /Ft.: .313 lbs. PIW
Working Temperature: -20F to 200F
Joining Method: Lap Splice; Lacing